the label's philosophy

We love good music, and we believe in it. Therefore we have built up ignoring gravity music as a new home for musicians and people looking for something fresh.

We want to feed you with good songs interpreted by charismatic singers until you get really hungry.

We are exploring the boundaries of music, thereby crossing the typical genre frontiers.

We are taking every measure to produce this music in the best possible way, while always preserving its purity and warmth.

We are collaborating with three different studios in Germany and the Netherlands that provide the highest standards in recording and mastering.

We have excellent musicians and they are alive. In concerts they will give you the music that lives within the moment.

We want you to hear the substance in all of our music. Therefore we invite you to download all songs from a CD or preleased material in different sample mp3-formats.

We want the quality of the audio material to be reflected in the visual presentation. Our designers for Corporate Identity Daniel Stoffels (zeichenverkehr, Düsseldorf) and for the cds Thomas Ries, Danica Dakic, Sinisa Kandic [www.kandic.de] and novakteufelknyrim [www.n-t-k.de] , our photographer Frank Schoepgens (Cologne) and our concept developer for the web Max Herrmann [www.max69.de] are creating an adequate visual counterpart to the music.

For some of our music, we are collaborating with different companies, Agents 4 Music [www.agents4music.de] from Berlin are responsible for the booking, Revolver Promotion [www.revolverpromotion.de] are taking care of the TV and radio promotion and Music Matters [www.musicmatters.de] is covering the press promotion.

We love good music, and we believe in it.

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